The long awaited Swingshot The Golf Video Camera Review

Swingshot The Golf Video Camera

The Swingshot golf video camera is an excellent tool, and belongs in the bag of every amateur golfer.

Recording your swing at the range is now much easier thanks to the guys over at SwingShot, LLC and their revolutionary new product, the Swingshot Golf Video Camera.

We have all been to the range with the plan of recording our swing on video. But once you get to the range and want to start recording you realize that it isn’t as easy as you though it would be. I have tried balancing my iPhone on a driver headcover, or taping it to an alignment stick.

I even used the iPing cradle attached to a alignment stick. That probably worked best, apart from having someone actually film you. But even then I would have to click record, quickly setup to the ball, rush through my pre shot routine, and then rush back to my iPhone to stop the recording before the ball hits the ground.

Ideal? Most definitely not. The guys at SwingShot has not only created an incredibly easy to use product, but it is clear that they have though of everything. In the above scenario of press-record, rush-through-pre-shot-routine, play-shot, -run-back-to-phone you would have to sit through at least 10 seconds of video of you running backwards and forwards.

The smart guys over at Swingshot realized this is a major annoyance for anyone trying to record their golf swing, and built in a very handy 10 second delay from pressing record, before the actual recording starts. Makes so much sense!

The product itself is very sturdily manufactured, with the top of the product housing the actual camera. This top part can be removed, and will be the bit you need to download the videos to your phone, iPad or computer. For those who want to use this great gadget while at the range, you can record a few swings, and then download via USB cable to your iPad. I suspect many pro’s will be using this tool in the near future.

Recording your golf swing has never been easier. It is now a simple process of 1, 2, 3 and you’re done. The hardest part is taking it out of your bag.

How do I use the Swingshot during my round?

I know, first time I heard about it I also thought it would be strange to use it on course, and that it might slow play even more. My club is notorious for its very slow pace of play, and I was hesitant to pull out my Swingshot at first.

But while I had a brief waiting time before I could play each of my shots, I could easily setup the Swingshot, and press record as soon as it was my turn to hit the ball. In short, setting up the Swingshot doesn’t require anymore time than what you already spend on pulling out the club, whilst plucking it out of the ground adds maybe half a second to your post shot routine.

Below is a image taken from the Swingshot website to show you the ease of using it on the course.

The Swingshot process for recording your golf swing

How do I use the Swingshot when practicing?

There is a multitude of different ways to use the Swingshot in your practice routine. You can easily set it up down the line whilst hitting balls at the range. This will help to check your alignment, and to see if your swing is in sync, and on plane. Set it up square, and you can make sure that your weight shift is working the way it should.

Set up the Swingshot whilst practising chips, and instantly see whether you are breaking your wrists, or shifting your weight too much. I have heard about Swingshot users that have had great success using for putting practice. Setting it up down the line helps you check your alignment, as well as the path your putter swings on. Make sure to record some video for short, medium and long putts. I picked up some discrepancies in my alignment between short, and longer putts.

Let me be honest, when you start out using this great gadget, it will catch your peripheral vision, especially on the course where one might not be used to having something right behind you. But once you focus on the shot at hand, you won’t even notice it.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Swingshot will be a great addition to any golfer’s arsenal of golf training tools. My trusty alignment sticks is the one item that always go to the range with me. From now on, my Swingshot will be coming along with them.

You can find out more about the Swingshot on the official site by clicking on the link below:

Visit Official Swingshot Site

Golf Gift Baskets: A great Golf Gift

Choosing a Golf Gift Basket

Golf Gift baskets are a great way to treat the golfer in your life – they are packed with goodies to enhance their time on the golf course. If you have a foodie golf lover in your life, there are more snack-oriented baskets, and if you want to include some purely golfing accessories too, there are golf gift baskets that mix the two.

 Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Gone Golfing! Golf Cart Gift Bag Tote

 This generous golf cart gift box will keep your favorite golfer going all 18  holes. It’s filled with a variety of goodies and gourmet snacks perfect for any gift occasion or even just as a treat. It’s presented in a very clever way: inside the realistic-looking golf cart is a detailed gift bag tote packed with savory snacks, sweet treats, and premium coffee. I love the attention to detail on this gift: the presentation is beautiful and really expresses care for your golf lover. You can also include a personalized message.

This golf gift basket includes:

  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Savory Summer Sausage
  • Crackers
  • Premium Snack Mix
  • Gourmet Caramel Popcorn
  • Buttery Shortbread Cookies
  • Two types of Cookies
  • Lemon Drop Candy
  • Golfing Premium Coffee

Order from Amazon

Golf Delights Golfer’s Gift Box

Another golf gift basket just bursting with tasty treats, this also includes golf-themed treats for the home or office! Perfect for golfers of both genders. Whether it’s for a client, boss, colleague, friend or loved one, you can include a free personalized gift message and see the delight on their faces! Includes:

Foodie Items to keep them going:

  • Golfers shortbread cookies
  • Summer sausage
  • Chocolate Cream Filled wafer Cookies
  • 1/2 oz stone wheat crackers
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Golf coffee mug
  • Creamy Vegetable dip

Golf accessories:

  • Greens Keeper turf kit (includes 12 ball spotters & steel divot tool)
  • 30 pack of Golf Tees
  • Golf Theme bag with Honey Sweet Peanuts
  •  Large Golf Theme Gift Box.

Order from Amazon

Golfer’s Dream Gift Basket

Your favorite golfer will totally love this award-winning golf gift basket containing award-winning gourmet foods –  it’s a top end, unique product that doubles as a fully functional cooler bag with the capacity to hold up to 6 beverage cans! It comes full of a tasty variety of snacks to keep them going through the next 18 holes. Includes gourmet beef jerky, honey roasted peanuts, walnut almond and pecan confection, red licorice bites, chocolate chunk cookies, a pecan roll…mouthwatering stuff! And that’s not all – there’s also a sleeve of three Top-Flite XL golf balls and golf tees! The manufacturer also promises 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for you and your recipient. A hole in one, I’d say.
Order from Amazon.

Great Arrivals Golf Gift Basket

An awesome way to show your appreciation for the golfer in your life! This multi-faceted golf gift basket is packed to the brim with practical golf gift items including a golf gift set with a divot tool, ball marker, golf towel, golf balls and multi-colored hardwood golf tees. There’s a funny golfing book, a rules book, a ‘history of golf balls’ pencil and much more. And then there’s the food… a tasty variety of snacks, cheeses, crackers and cookies – you can’t go wrong with this one! Beautiful presentation in in a large oval mahogany stained heavy weaved basket.

Order from Amazon

I hope you enjoyed my golf gift baskets suggestions. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this article. Have a good one!


Personalized Golf Gifts: A Buyer’s Guide

What you Need to Know about

Personalized Golf Gifts

Golf gifts that are personalized make for a great idea if you want to impress the golfer in your life – whether it’s a family member, friend, colleague or client. Personalization has the advantage of adding an extra touch that will surprise and delight the gift recipient. It’s a gift that won’t be forgotten!

Gifts with Person’s Name

Some companies offer you the chance to imprint the name of your favorite golfer onto the product. This shows that you were thinking of them specifically when you chose the gift, and took the time and trouble to personalize the gift.

For example, the personalized ball marker from In the Hole Golf. Others will embroider the name themselves, which means it will take a little longer to be delivered – so make sure you plan ahead. Product leader Nike has created a free personalization service on their most popular golf balls, so be sure to check out their products. Head over to my article, ‘Unique Golf Gifts For that Special Golfer‘ for more specific product details.

Special Print Gifts

You can choose from a wide variety of designs to turn any golf gift into a personalized golf gift. For example, someone’s favourite golf player, or a specific pattern or design that you think encapsulates them – it could even be the company logo, in the case of a colleague or boss. The point is you’ve taken the time to think of what would best match the golfer in your life, and this will be really appreciated.

Picture Gifts

Commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and career or sporting successes by printing memorabilia on golf balls, T-shirts, golf bags, hats – you name it. You can print a photo of the gift recipient or of the two of you together. A custom created golf present like this is a winner every time.

Other Types of Golf Gifts you Can Personalize

Here are some of the products you can have personalized, and turn into gifts to remember:

  • Golf balls
  • Golf tees
  • Towels
  • Golf bags
  • Golf shirts
  • Wallets
  • Golfing Calendars
  • Golf pens

Use your imagination – there is something for every budget! And the great thing is you don’t need to know specifics about golf to choose a personalized golf gift.

A good website to check out for personalized golf gifts is The Golf Warehouse, and Amazon has a few of these products too.

Check out the Delivery Time

Better not to leave it too late to choose a present – some personalized golf gifts take a little longer to have delivered.

If you choose a personalized golf gift, the recipient will always remember you when they use the gift. These gifts show plenty of care and love. They’re also great for golfers who already have all the equipment – it gives an extra unique touch.

Unique Golf Gifts for that Special Golfer

Choosing Unique Golf Gifts

If you’re looking for a special gift for that golfer in your life who seems to already have it all, personalized golf gifts are the way to go! Unique golf gifts are ideal Father’s Day gifts and luxury birthday or Christmas presents, and a lot of them are also practical assets to any golfer’s game. There are a ton of personalized golf gifts out there, so I’ve put together a list of some of the best, to help you choose that golf gift with a personal touch:

Personalized Ball Marker

This unique golf gift uses a revolutionary new technique for golfers to imprint their golf balls: the Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System. A great and affordable gift for your golfer friends and relatives.
Order from In the Hole Golf.

Personalized Engraveable Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder, 4-Piece Set

The devoted golfer in your life will love this unique golf gift! It’s a three piece golf club pen set with golf bag and cart. You can choose between three different clubs. It also features:
• The golf bag has two small zippered storage areas, as well as working rubber wheels and moveable golf cart handle.
• The black and silver golf bag on cart makes the perfect pen or pencil cup for a golfer’s desk.
• Non-tarnish brushed silver finish.
• A clip on .625″ x .875″ engraving tag is also included.
• Gift Boxed

Order from Amazon

Personalized Golf Tees

Commemorate any occasion with this unique golf gift – guaranteed to score you a hole in one in the gifts department! Featuring:

• High quality wooden golf tees crafted from white birch
• Up to three lines of copy with 24 characters per line
• Shiny finish
• 1000 word count

Order from The Golf Warehouse

TGW Golf Designs Personalized Golf Towels

A useful and practical golf gift that shows you care:

• Allows the golfer to keep clubs, shoes, divot tools, balls and other accessories clean and dry
• 100% cotton towel – easily absorbs moisture, keeping accessories dry and clean
• Choice of 4 different golf-themed screen prints
• Metal grommet with metal carabineer conveniently attaches towel to a golf bag
• Hemmed edges for a finished look
• Up to 18 characters with block lettering

Order from The Golf Warehouse

Personalized Leather Mini-Wallet

Your golf lover will love this wallet, and appreciate these features:

• Your exclusive personalization, laser engraved
• Swinging golfer logo
• Made from top quality burnishable full-grain leather
• Patented wallet design eliminates pocket bulge
• Folds small even when stuffed – very useful on the golf course
• Two outside pockets and two inside pockets
• Wallet holds 18 cards & 18 bill
• Two outside slots and two inside slots
• Gold plated clip holds bills

Order from The Golf Warehouse

Personalized Men’s Nike Golf Shirt – Black Dri-FIT

The ultimate gift for the golfer in your life!

• Classic Nike style and comfort perfect for leisure and casual wear on or off the course – all year round.
• You can have any first or last name or title embroidered in white thread on the front, or
• up to three initials on the right sleeve
• 100% polyester Dri-FIT fabric; rib collar and cuffs.
• Three button placket with pearlized buttons.
• Swoosh design trademark embroidered on left sleeve.
• Dri-Fit® fabric gives excellent moisture management
• Generously sized

Order from Amazon

TaylorMade Personalized MicroLite Golf Stand Bags

For a high-end gift that will not be forgotten, get this stylish stand bag which boasts a large range of functional features:

• 6 pockets
• Shoulder straps designed for improved comfort and durability
• Anti-split stand system which prevents the stand legs from opening too wide
• Keeps valuables safe and secure with a velour-lined pocket
• Customizable, removable ball pocket
• Keep beverages cool in an Insulated cooler sleeve
• Cart compatible base
• Bottom trunk handle
• Rain hood included
• Umbrella cord
• Towel loop

Order from The Golf Warehouse

Enjoy choosing a unique golf gift for your dedicated golf lover – any of these is bound to be a keeper!

Book gifts for golfers

During the winter months in the United States most golf enthusiasts are house bound, and there isn’t much they can do to satisfy their craving for the game they love so much. One of the best gifts for golfers at this time of year is golf books.

There are a bunch of different books you can choose from. There are golf photobooks, instructional golf books, fictional golf books and golf autobiographies.

Here is a list of the classic book gifts for golfers that should be on every golfer’s bookshelf:

Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

This book is considered to be the holy grail of golf instructional books, and this book is an excellent gift for a golfer.

It covers the fundamentals of the golf swing as discussed by Ben Hogan. Nicknamed The Hawk, Hogan was and still is, considered to be one of the best ball-strikers the game have ever seen.

The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever

This non-fiction books tell the story of the greatest game of golf. On that day in 1956, two millionaires picked their dream team of golfers to go head-to-head on one day of golf. Amateur golfers, Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward took on Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson.

Nelson and Hogan had 14 majors between the two of them at the time of the match. Mark Frost tells the story of the match in this book.

No one can call himself\herself a golfer if they have not read this book.

Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die: Golf Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations

 This is a book any golfer would salivate over. Author Chris Santella takes readers across the globe in this beautiful photobook from Ireland to New Zealand and the United States.

This book is the ultimate golf bucket list. This golfers gift will be treasured for a long time, and any golfer will spend hours and hours looking at the beautiful pictures in this book.

This is only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to book gifts for golfers. There are many. many other books that will make just as special a gift. Keep an eye on the blog for more books to give.

The best Christmas golf gifts for dad

Picking a Christmas golf gift for dad can be tough. But it shouldn’t be hard with my list of great Christmas golf gifts for dad. Here is my:

2013’s hottest Christmas golf gifts for dad

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart

Is Dad still using that old pullcart that is 10 years old? Then he would love the new Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart. The Clicgear is the Rolls Royce of push carts. I have one of these, and they are pretty much indestructable. Research has also shown that much less stress is placed on the shoulder joint when pushing a cart, instead of pulling it.

You can’t go wrong with the Clicgear push cart. It will last for years and years, and Dad will be reminded of you every time he is out on the course.

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

With the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch on his wrist, Dad will be the envy of his golfer buddies. And even more so when the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch tells him exactly how far the green is.

Dad is sure to love this sporty-looking, yet very functional GPS watch as he can wear it on the course, but also during the week.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Dad might not be able to play the same courses that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is playing, but he can play the same golf ball the pro’s play with.

With the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls in his bag, Dad will feel like a pro. And when you feel like a pro, you play better golf.

Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

With the Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder Dad will know exactly how far the hole is, and will be able to make sure he picks the right club for the shot.

Dad will be impressed, and so will his playing partners. This gift will make sure that Dad is on the winning end more often than not. And Dad sure loves winning!

Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Have you heard Dad complaining about his putting before? Most golfers struggle on the greens, and the Grassroots Par Three Putting Green will bring an end to Dad’s putting woes.

You are sure to be Dad’s favourite when getting him the solution to his putting problems.

Let me know what Dad thinks if you are getting him any of the above Christmas golf gifts. I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the festive season!

The most beautiful golf photobook ever?

Golf Courses: Great Britain and Ireland by Sir Michael Bonallack

I recently stumbled upon Golf Courses: Great Britain and Ireland by Sir Michael Bonallack (Author), Steve Smyers (Author) and David Cannon (Photographer).

This photobook features unbelievable pictures of a host of golf courses in Golf Courses: Great Britain and Ireland. David Cannon is a hugely talented photographer and his photos are striking.

Make sure you don’t miss out on grabbing the beautiful book.

Photobooks like these make great gifts for golfers, any golfer would salivate over beautiful pictures of courses.

Golf Courses:  Great Britain and Ireland
List Price: $195.00
Price Disclaimer

Great golf gift ideas

great golf gift ideas

Hi there

My name is Harry and I help people buy better gifts for their golfers.

It can be very hard to buy a great golf gift. Most golfers are quite fussy about which type of golf ball they use, or which brand of clubs they like. But there are plenty of other golf gifts that you can give that will make the receiver smile from ear to ear.

We will regularly update the site with great golf gift ideas. From clothing to accessories to clubs and more, you are sure to find a great golf gift ideas on this site.

I scour sites like and for the best prices on   a specific product, and will keep the site up to date with all of the latest golf gift ideas. Need a golf gift for Christmas, Father’s day, a birthday? We will have something for each of those events.

Premium service for great golf gift ideas

I also offer a premium service where I can find the best deal on a certain product for you. If you know the golfer in your life would love a specific product, but you don’t know where to start, email me at and I will search the internet not only for the best deal on the product, but also for any vouchers that might be applicable.

NOTE: Typically most websites selling golf equipment and accessories will have some voucher code enabled at a given time. It might for free shipping, or it could be a discount voucher. Rest assured that if there is a voucher that can be used, I will find it for you.

If you have any questions, or comments please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Remember, I am here to help you buy better golf gifts for those golfers in your life.