The long awaited Swingshot The Golf Video Camera Review

Swingshot The Golf Video Camera

The Swingshot golf video camera is an excellent tool, and belongs in the bag of every amateur golfer.

Recording your swing at the range is now much easier thanks to the guys over at SwingShot, LLC and their revolutionary new product, the Swingshot Golf Video Camera.

We have all been to the range with the plan of recording our swing on video. But once you get to the range and want to start recording you realize that it isn’t as easy as you though it would be. I have tried balancing my iPhone on a driver headcover, or taping it to an alignment stick.

I even used the iPing cradle attached to a alignment stick. That probably worked best, apart from having someone actually film you. But even then I would have to click record, quickly setup to the ball, rush through my pre shot routine, and then rush back to my iPhone to stop the recording before the ball hits the ground.

Ideal? Most definitely not. The guys at SwingShot has not only created an incredibly easy to use product, but it is clear that they have though of everything. In the above scenario of press-record, rush-through-pre-shot-routine, play-shot, -run-back-to-phone you would have to sit through at least 10 seconds of video of you running backwards and forwards.

The smart guys over at Swingshot realized this is a major annoyance for anyone trying to record their golf swing, and built in a very handy 10 second delay from pressing record, before the actual recording starts. Makes so much sense!

The product itself is very sturdily manufactured, with the top of the product housing the actual camera. This top part can be removed, and will be the bit you need to download the videos to your phone, iPad or computer. For those who want to use this great gadget while at the range, you can record a few swings, and then download via USB cable to your iPad. I suspect many pro’s will be using this tool in the near future.

Recording your golf swing has never been easier. It is now a simple process of 1, 2, 3 and you’re done. The hardest part is taking it out of your bag.

How do I use the Swingshot during my round?

I know, first time I heard about it I also thought it would be strange to use it on course, and that it might slow play even more. My club is notorious for its very slow pace of play, and I was hesitant to pull out my Swingshot at first.

But while I had a brief waiting time before I could play each of my shots, I could easily setup the Swingshot, and press record as soon as it was my turn to hit the ball. In short, setting up the Swingshot doesn’t require anymore time than what you already spend on pulling out the club, whilst plucking it out of the ground adds maybe half a second to your post shot routine.

Below is a image taken from the Swingshot website to show you the ease of using it on the course.

The Swingshot process for recording your golf swing

How do I use the Swingshot when practicing?

There is a multitude of different ways to use the Swingshot in your practice routine. You can easily set it up down the line whilst hitting balls at the range. This will help to check your alignment, and to see if your swing is in sync, and on plane. Set it up square, and you can make sure that your weight shift is working the way it should.

Set up the Swingshot whilst practising chips, and instantly see whether you are breaking your wrists, or shifting your weight too much. I have heard about Swingshot users that have had great success using for putting practice. Setting it up down the line helps you check your alignment, as well as the path your putter swings on. Make sure to record some video for short, medium and long putts. I picked up some discrepancies in my alignment between short, and longer putts.

Let me be honest, when you start out using this great gadget, it will catch your peripheral vision, especially on the course where one might not be used to having something right behind you. But once you focus on the shot at hand, you won’t even notice it.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Swingshot will be a great addition to any golfer’s arsenal of golf training tools. My trusty alignment sticks is the one item that always go to the range with me. From now on, my Swingshot will be coming along with them.

You can find out more about the Swingshot on the official site by clicking on the link below:

Visit Official Swingshot Site

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